Haverhill Read-A-Thon

Haverhill Read-A-Thon
Posted on 10/16/2017
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Fall Fundraiser: Haverhill will be conducting a school wide Read-A-Thon for our fall fundraiser. The Read-A-Thon will take place October 23rd - November 3rd. The first week of the Read-A-Thon will conincide with the Fall Book Fair. There will also be reading activities throughout the week of October 30th. Information is being sent home with students the week of October 16th.

If you have a business or corporation that would consider supporting our Read-A-Thon by placing and ad that will appear on public web pages of our Read-A-Thon please check out this link: www.read-a-thon.com/donate/.

Contact the Haverhill Office for the Secret Code to sponsor Haverhill.